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MUCC Convention

Postby Beaverhunter2 » Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:38 pm

Chris Kettler and I attended the MUCC Convention in Mt. Pleasant as the delegates fo the MTPCA. It was very informative and there was one interesting resolution. Dawn Levey (State-wide VP for MUCC) had submitted a resolution to have the MUCC work with the DNR to establish a wolf trapping season following delisting. I was ready to propose an amendment to include hunting when Dawn amended her own motion. The resolution passed unanimously.

Theoretically wolves will be delisted in the middle of July. If this does occur and the Anti's aren't abe to screw it up with their lawsuits, it will still take legislative action to change the wolf's status from protected/non-game to game/furbearer.

What I really found interesting is the number of non-trapper delegates who came up to me and said that trapping is the most logical method of managing wolves. They figured this is due to two things:

1. Trappers are more likely to be successful in taking a wolf than hunters.

2. Trappers could be more selective by releasing wolves that didn't conform to their desires or tag. If they chose to, the DNR could also gather biological data from the worlves prior to release. To effectively manage the population, they could also issue tags for males vs. females to balance the harvest. Kind of hard to check a dog's genrder through the brush with a scope. But when it's in the trap....

Hmmmm.... I'll have to think about this.


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