SB248 MDNR Land Ownership Cap- Please Act!

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SB248 MDNR Land Ownership Cap- Please Act!

Postby Beaverhunter2 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:22 pm

We received the following letter on SB248 from our friends- the Michigan Bow Hunters Association.

SB 248 primary sponsor Tom Casperson (R) Property; land sales; purchase of state land using state funds; modify criteria. Amends sec. 503 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.503).

MBH (Ed. Note: and MTPCA) members are encouraged to contact their House Representative and request they vote NO on Senate Bill 248 introduced to limit the amount of land the MDNR may own for public recreation.

This bill passed the Senate by a 24 to 14 vote on June 22nd and at the time of this writing is in the House Committee of Natural Resources, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

This Senate Bill would impose a permanent a limit on the amount of land the MDNR could acquire for public recreation. Exceptions to this are limited to:
- A right-of-way for gaining access to other land owned by or under the control of the DNR.
- Land that was commercial forestland on the bill's effective date.
- Land acquired by the DNR through gift or litigation.
- Land in which the Department had acquired a conservation easement.
- A trail.

As written, this Senate Bill would also force the sale of over 250,000 acres of land the MDNR has.

Once the proposed SB 248 cap is reached, the State would be required to sell lands that exceed the cap. If a willing buyer does not come forward, the bill requires tax-reverted lands to be auctioned off to the highest bidder with no reserve price – in other words land could sell for pennies on the dollar.
Last legislative session, there was an attempt in the form of HB 5058 and SB 730 to force the sale of a parcel of publicly-owned land in Iosco County to a developer looking to build a new golf course, even though the land was not considered excess.

Thank you for your support and activism,
The Michigan Bow Hunters Association

Thanks to the Bow Hunters for this information and thank you for your action to protect Michigan's wild lands and to increase our hunting and trapping opportunities! Here's a link to Michigan House site to find and contact your Congressman:


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