Good Morning Members & Fellow Trappers 09/14/2013

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Good Morning Members & Fellow Trappers 09/14/2013

Postby Trapper Jon » Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:31 am

From now on after every meeting that I attend in behalf of MT&PCA. I will try to give you an update of what was discussed as time, and family permits me to do so. I will also try and post any upcoming dates of meeting you may want to attend. Such as the NRC meetings, we just had. This includes B.O.D meeting for the MT&PCA.

Now to re-cap the NRC meeting on 09/12/2013. I would recommend you go out and look up
These Youtub video’s are excellent ways to promote the outdoors. This is one way the DNR is helping us grow, and keep our outdoor heritage alive. With the extra $1 increase coming into effect you will actually start seeing more info like this eventually on TV commercials throughout the day, or daily TV schedule. Also this will promote good PR for outdoor sports. Check it out! And yes I talked to them about doing a Trapping video.
I also picked up a couple idea’s to market our origination that I will be putting into a plan soon. And we do need to market ourselves better.

09/13/2013 At the Coalition meeting more of a re-cap from the NRC meeting the day before. Although there was a bit of a discussion about the fight we have coming in the Senate, with Keep Michigan Wolves Protected. You know the store front for HSUS. We need to start thinking of ways to raise funds for this fight. If anyone has a good idea for raising funds, let us know what it is! I also received a few good talking points that I will be sharing from time to time.

I will have to commit them to memory first. And the wife is telling me that I will probably have them to you by this time next year. If I have to commit them to memory first. I love my wife. LOL

The next meeting of any kind is our B.O.D meeting/ conference call on Tuesday 09/17/2013. There will be a re-cap of that meeting on Wednesday from me here. Talk to you all then. If anyone has any questions on anything please PM me here and I will get back to you ASAP.

I know that in the past poeple have received very little news. I am working on changing this issue. Please be patient with me and this, and other things will get better. Have a good pre season and talk to you agian next Wenesday.

Hey your kids are calling you, go take them Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping.

Jon S.

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