Board OF Directors Conference Call 10/09/2013 Minutes

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Board OF Directors Conference Call 10/09/2013 Minutes

Postby Trapper Jon » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:08 am

If anyoe has any questions please feel free to contact me at These are the Minutes from the meeting.

MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 10/9/2013

• Dennis Cronk has 10 confirmed sponsors
o Additional 6/7 intend to join on
o Additional 12 that are looking for board approval
o Anticipates least 15 more will join
• Sent out 150 sponsor letters and information packets to conservation clubs that indicate we will contact them with more information
• Still potential to pick up many more clubs
• Magazines intend to print our advertisement advertise
o MOOD magazine
• Drew Youngdyke is talking to other clubs
o Sent mass email to 50 clubs
o Don’t know what the response is, Dennis will talk to him tomorrow
• Dennis talked to UP organizations
o Bob Steinmetz took information and will try to talk to people, but UPTA is busy planning NTA convention
o NGLFH intends to reach out to members
• Nobody seems inclined to help with legwork
o Will do what they can locally
• Jon Southworth solicited for people to call license agents
o Lisa Bagley called all license agents in Livingston to request permission to advertise
 Got 5 to confirm that they would pass out fliers and post for patrons
o Jason Nichols contacted Crawford and Roscommon counties
 Out of 31 calls, 29 agreed to display and pass out fliers
 Asked for more counties in his area
o Can the board pay postage to send people more fliers?
 Costs $2.50 to send 50 fliers
 Could print 5000 fliers for $350
o Should we further investigate passing out fliers at licensing agents?
• Chris Elie: will licensing agents collect hides?
o Jon: we still need more drop off locations
o Dennis: licensing agents are more intended to spread information than collect hides
• Ed Lundborg: has drop off location in Reed City
o Will print his own fliers when given a copy
• Drew Youngdyke found out at the last minute that MUCC did not want to put their logo with the program
o MUCC feels their association might deter people from engaging in the program
o Drew made new flier
 Still has MUCC logo; might be a mistake? Dennis will check with Drew
 Looks much better than old flier
• The total price would be $4300 to produce fliers to give to all licensing agents (50 fliers per agent)
• Problem with licensing agents is that many major chains (Meijer, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.) have no solicitation policies
• Prices of fliers are more expensive than we anticipated
o We need to rethink methods
 We have $7000 to work with
• Can increase slightly, but not by much
• $4300 for licensing agents alone takes a lot of our funds
• Mike Schippa: why can’t we send licensing agents one flier and one poster (they can copy flier)
o Don’t need 50
 Many won’t work them (having 50 would be a waste)
 The ones that do should be willing to print their own
o Licensing agents may not be willing to copy on their own, but they could still post one
• Jon asked licensing agents if they would be willing to print their own, they said no
• Post office has program to send fliers to every residence in a zip code
o Could this be applied to businesses?
• Could we provide a poster, but not worry about the flier?
o Include link to website for people to go to
• Index cards instead of flier?
o Hunting Dog Federation did something similar and did not get very good response
• Mailing one flier in a manila envelope would cost $1
• Posters would cost $80+ to print 3’ x 5’
o Could do poster on 8.5” x 11” paper?
• Need a cheaper way to go about advertising
• Jon Southworth will see how many clubs will go to the Defend the Hunt website and print out their own fliers
• Could do a mix of advertising materials?
o Big posters for big dealers, 8.5” x 11” for mom and pop stores
• Has Drew talked to big dealers?
o Dale talked to Jay’s in Clare, they agreed to be a drop off location
 Dale Schmidt will take home hides and salt them
o Drew will talk to Jay’s in Gaylord next week
 Prospects are not good
o Drew has talked to Cabela’s in Saginaw
 Cabela’s in Dundee has not been contacted
• Licensing agents have been contacted, but we need to also focus on conservation clubs, meat processors, and fur buyers
o Many may say no, but getting one would bring large influx of hides
o Need to call attention to fur aspect
• Need more volunteers! Approximately 10-15
o Have potenetial to get 10,000 hides
o Specifically need someone to contact fur buyers to ask for donations while on their routes
 Routes begin in mid-November
 Who does these routes?
• Roger, Groenwold, NAFA, FHA
• Most buyers are local
o Still need to be contacted
• Gary Schinske: if we ask people to donate hides when they’re intending to sell, we may not be very successful, but we still should try
o Will call the fur buyers on the DNR website
• Dale: what if we take out a half page add in Trapper and Predator Caller?
o Will be able to be in December magazine
o Would be able to collect donations at fur sales
o Dennis: quarter page = $300, half page = approximately $600?
 Mike Schippa: third page would be sufficient
 Dale will call TPC to get prices and find out deadlines
• Advertisements would include account numbers for FHA/NAFA
• Could reach out to trappers nationwide
o Dale still hasn’t heard from FHA
 Will call on Monday if he hasn’t heard from them
o Chris Elie: would it be better to have one of the fur buyers contact them?
 Dale will investigate this route if he has issues
o Chris Elie: will finalize details with NAFA
 They have all of our information
• Advertisements
o Large banners are $30/piece
 Don’t get cheaper until you buy 100
o Alternative: laminate 8.5 x 11s, string together, mail to mom and pop shops
 Would cost $1.50-$2 to mail
o Make signs to go near the road for conservation clubs?
 $5/6 a piece, one sided, two colors
 Can’t be mailed
• DNR will not allow us to post anything on DNR property (gun ranges, deer check stations, etc.)
o Want to remain neutral
o Can go to private deer check stations (ie. gas stations, rest areas, etc.)
o Dale will talk to Director Creagh at NRC meeting tomorrow and see what he says
 See if we can get any waivering

• Salt
o 1 pallet at a time, 40 bags/pallet,$ 4.50/bag, can be purchased from Tractor Supply Company in New Hudson
 Will have to check statewide
 Gary Schinske will check Cedar Springs TSC, they have 49 bag pallets
 Discounted price; normally $7/bag
 Chris Elie: Farm and Home sells it for $4.50/bag off the shelf, will see what he can do about buying in bulk
• Might be inconvenient, but will look into it

o Jon Southworth will be responsible for ordering and shipping 5000 fliers
 Dennis needs 1000 fliers for gun ranges
 Check on price for 1500 8.5” x 11” posters
o Mike Schippa will talk to Gander Mountain in Novi
 Jon Southworth has an email into corporate
o Dennis will get banners for Jay’s/Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops/etc.
o Dennis will design fliers
 Motion: Association will provide funding for all things necessary for funding
 Second: Gary Schinske
o Dale: look into TPC advertisements, contact FHA
o Mike Schippa: contact big fur buyers
o Gary Schinske: contact fur buyer list on DNR website
o Chris Elie: contact NAFA
o Dennis: contact conservation clubs
o Dennis: make list of sponsors
 When we get a confirmed sponsor, get owner name, business name, address, phone number
 If there is a logo on the web, it will be included in the sponsor list on the website
• Will need another call next week to check in
o Wednesday, October 16, 8pm
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