BOD Conference Call 10/16/13 Meeting Minutes

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BOD Conference Call 10/16/13 Meeting Minutes

Postby Trapper Jon » Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:56 am

Sorry so late fellas, I have been busy the last couple days.


MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 10/16/2013
Board Members present:
• Dale Hendershot
• Tamie Lundborg
• John Caretti
• Emily Caretti
• Jon Southworth
• Ed Lundborg
• Dennis Cronk
• Jeff Whipple
• Ken Bowlby
• Everett Emery
• Chris Elie
• Gary Schinske

• Dale sent out email with ad prices for Trapper & Predator Caller
o $1000 to $1,100 full page color
o $500 1/2 Page B&W
o $400 1/3 Page B&W
o $275 1/4 Page B&W
o $200 1/5 Page B&W
• Will see what board says, but Dale thinks we need to put out an ad for a few months
• October 28 is the deadline for us to get them the ad
• Advertisement for Defend the Hunt
o Pointed more toward fur project
 We have numbers for both groups
• Both groups encouraged that we not put our numbers in the ad, rather put MTPCA or Defend the Hunt
o Do 1/3 and then ¼ for a few months?
o Why no numbers?
 Security issue with accounts
• Groups could put MTPCA or Defend the Hunt and the money would go to our accounts
o Do we have a say in where the ad goes?
 No
o What size?
 1/3
o If we run in consecutive magazines, do we get a discount?
 Dale will look into it, but probably not
 May get more pull to put it in the beginning of the magazine
o First issue: December (mailed November 18)
o How many issues?
 Dale: at least 3
• An extra $250 to do 1/3 all the way isn’t a big deal
o Jeff Whipple: Motion to put a 1/3 page add in T&PC for three consecutive months for $400 a month
o John Caretti seconds
o Motion carried unanimously
o Dale and Dennis will put ad together and have to them by Friday
• Dennis sent out an additional 350 letters to conservation clubs and gun ranges
• 6 volunteers from UPSA are working on getting lodges as drop off locations in UP
• Currently 21 sponsors online
o Additional 5 should be on next week
o 3 more will be voting
• Banners will be handed out next week
• When will we deliver salt?
o Drop off locations are asking
• Drew is still contacting other magazines
o Woods and Water is in contact with Drew now
o Could we contact American Trapper and other trapping magazines?
• Continuing hitting conservation/gun clubs in the next few weeks
o Goal of 50-100 by the first
• Next week Dennis will make instructional video on how to salt hides
• John Caretti: Do you need volunteers to deliver materials to clubs
o Dennis: big need
• Dale and Dennis will write an article to submit to magazines
• Everett: has a couple of clubs around him, could he take them fliers to have them post?
o Dennis thinks that he sent fliers to almost everyone in the state, so they should already have them
o Some are requesting additional materials, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them more
o Dale: DNR has been really helpful in providing a list of active gun clubs
o Dennis: DNR is working on authorization to get fliers to deer check stations and gun ranges
o Dale: Director Creagh is working with their legal department to try and make it work
• Nominations for regional VP
o Gary Schinske (director) – Zone 3
o Ed Mason – Zone 3
o Mark Earl – Zone 3
• Jon Southworth
o Got addresses for 1500 licensing agents
o Fliers (5000) and banners (750 dark, 750 light) are at printers
o Will stuff fliers in envelope when done
o Do we have postal code for mass mailing?
 Talk to Diana
 The postage for The Trapline is different
o Went to UAW sportsman’s group meeting
 Back programs like ours
 In support of Defend the Hunt
• Will post our fliers
 They have the Freedom Hunt at Fort Custer this weekend, they will get deer hides for us
 Will post fliers around GM
 Will consider being a drop off location
 Jon gave them fliers, info, and his contact information
 Defend the Hunt link is going on their website
 Dale: could hides be dropped off at MUCC building?
o Dennis says that we should have the banners next week
 If there are any big events that we could use the banners for, we can dish them out before there are commitments
• Gary: when are we mailing “official welcome” materials to drop off locations? Who is sending them out, us or MUCC? Do they go to drop off locations or sponsors?
o Dennis will send them out Monday
o Drop off locations and sponsors are the same
• Where to store pallets of salt?
o Dale’s house and Gary’s house
o Mike Schippa’s house?
o MUCC would probably take some
o Ed Lundborg will take a pallet
• Dale has been asked by Tamie Masterson if she can discuss with us the possibility of us hosting an NTA convention in lower Michigan
o How should we do this meeting, by phone or in person?
o Gary: what year?
 Dale: 2016
o We’ll have to discuss whether or not we are interested or if we can afford it
 We should still probably entertain the idea
o Ed: did she give a timeline as far as when she wants to do it?
 We meet regularly, but via phone
 It’s difficult to give a full presentation via phone
o General board consensus that we should meet with her in person
o If it’s not a full on presentation (more conversational), could she distribute materials before and do conference call?
o Dale: biggest concern is that state associations don’t make a lot of money from NTA conventions and we don’t really have money to spare; plus side is that it would be a good relationship builder with NTA
o Gary: depending on how long she needs to talk, could we do it before the fur sale
o John Caretti: NTA is great, we don’t really “owe them”
o Dale will call Tamie and talk to her about it and let us know what she says

Next meeting: next Wednesday (10/23) at 8pm
Hey your kids are calling you, go take them Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping.

Jon S.

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