BOD CC 10/23/2013

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BOD CC 10/23/2013

Postby Trapper Jon » Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:35 am

Last night re-capping a lot of news of what has been happening. We viewed the Ad that will be going into the Magazine. I personally liked the darker of the two, it really popped out at you. Look for it in Trapper And Predator Callers Mag.
We also talked about Defend the Hunt! it sounds as if it is really taking off. We are really getting a few good drop off locations around the State. (Take a look http://www.defendthehunt.Com) Don’t forget to tell everyone about this program. If you want some more information about it please get in touch with, me Jon Southworth, Or Dennis Cronk for more information. Dennis has been calling over 400 ranges around the State. 19 have signed on and 4 more are expected to in the next few days.
We have had new that a few Hide Buyers are interested in Bidding for the Hides we are hoping to get around $10-$12 per hide.
We discussed asking to advertise the Defend the Hunt! program with Michigan Sportsman forum. Also talked about possibly contacting Paul Dobbin about posting @
If anyone would like to Volunteer for anything we need your help. Please again Contact either Dennis Cronk, or Myself and we will find you something to do.

I have 5000 Fliers that I will be picking up this week. I will be stuffing envelopes for a day or two. My two girls are having fun helping there dad out with the stuffing. I will get them out before I leave for Hunting/Trapping trip in November.

We will be have another conference call next Wednesday. And I will be posting notes as I have time.

The actual meeting minutes are posted below if anyone wants to take a look.

Everyoone have a great day.

MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 10/23/13
Board Members present:
 Dale Hendershot P
 Mike Schippa P
 Tamie Lundborg P
 John Caretti P
 Emily Caretti A
 Diana Elliot A
 Jon Southworth P
 Ed Lundborg A
 Matt Johnson A
 Chris Kettler A
 Gary Schinske P
 Cronk Cronk P
 Melinda Cronk P
 Jeff Whipple A
 Mike Rockwell A
 Ken Bowlby A
 Cronk Owen A
 Everett Emery P
 Ed Osborn A
 Walt Smith A
 David Pierce A
 Larry Scheurer A
 Joe Rye A
 Chris Elie P
 Bobby Velasco A
 Dave Lyons A
 Tom Oakey A
 Bob Kotsch A
 Mike Marcusen P
Draft Ads for Defend the Hunt.
Southworth: Likes the dark one.
Elie: Also likes the dark one.
Cronk: We’re having trouble getting non-UP sportsmen to relate to the issue. 2nd ad is designed for that
Dale: If there is no opposition- we will use the darker Ad.
Everett inventoried the trailer. We are short of many items. 17 different short sleeve T’s, 10 long sleeve T’s, etc.
Caretti to email original list of items and Dale will place an order to restock so we can have it for the shows and fur sales. Caretti suggested getting the some items to the Fur Sales.
Cronk suggested getting more fur tanned as it has sold well. We have gotten tanned fur from Kevin Syperda and Ralph DeGeise.
Schippa: We need coyote, red fox, gray fox, and beaver. Could use a couple otter. Need some raccoon, ermine, and opossum.
Everett to call Dale with current totals.
Defending the Hunt:
Cronk: Most clubs and ranges have been contacted. 400 Ranges and Conservation Clubs have been contacted. Approx 19 have signed on and 4 more are expected to sign on in the next few days. Requested people to call clubs.
Schippa to get a pallet of salt. $4.50/bag
Gary to get a pallet for approx. $140/pallet
Ed Lundborg will take a pallet.
Probably have a week or two before we need it.
Schippa: We should think about pallet jacks.
Tamie: Will mail a $140 check to Gary.
Mike will send a invoice to Tamie for reimbursement on his salt.
Gary and Ed will coordinate getting salt for Ed.
Elie: Farm and Home has salt at $4.50/bag and will offer a 5% discount.
Cronk is assembling packets of information for supporters.
Gary: Our Write-up was in the current Wodds-n-Water.
There are a couple big deer hide buyers that are interested in bidding, Ralph does a route as well as the guy (Ed Mickey) Gary knows in Belding. There is another buyer on the west side of Lower Michigan interested as well. Hoping for $10-$12 per hide average. Pick up is an open question. Elie: Probably want to choose a reliable person as opposed to just taking high bid. The hides could get graded down
and we end up losing in the end. Trevor Barnes is willing to cover the west side of the state and pick up the hides. Ed Mickey did 23 semi loads of hides and worked on a hide drive with Ted Nugent in the past.
Dale: Can we split the state up and have the guys pick up the hides?
Cronk has already made personal commitments to salt and pick up some hides in SE Lower Michigan.
Anyone that can call possible sponsors would be a big help.
Drew and Cronk are considering creating a Facebook page for auctions to support Defend the Hunt.
Gary: How do we get the hides picked up?
Elie and Cronk: Ralph picked them up. Transferring could be manual.
Gary to talk to Ed Mickey and Ralph DeGeise to see how they handling the hides and see if we can figure it out.
Gary, Schippa, and Dale will help with sites in their areas.
Flyers are ready, Jon waiting on check that is in the mail to pick them up.
Marcusen to cover delivering stuff to Gladstone and Manistique.
Southworth: Michigan Deer and Turkey Show. They asked us to make up a nicer demo site. Southworth designed one for $170 plus the peat moss. The Show will put us near the front and advertise our Association.
Caretti motion to authorize Southworth to spend $170 plus cost of peat moss to build a nicer demo structure for shows.
Schippa seconded.
Passed unanimously.
Discussion about sending a Biologist and possibly a CO to the FTA Trappers College. Without support from others, it would cost us $600 to send the Biologist and an additional $1200 to send a CO. Dale and Schippa and Cronk to check into possible support from NGLFH and other organizations.
Potential MTPCA hosted NTA Convention: Tammy Masterson approached us and Dale will discuss with her making a presentation to our Board.
Hey your kids are calling you, go take them Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping.

Jon S.

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