MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 11/20/2013

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MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 11/20/2013

Postby Trapper Jon » Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:49 am

Last night was a very good meeting but I think we really need to get together face to face. AND SOON! Thank you Emily for taking notes, I always get lost about half way through. Anyway thanks to all that called in, remember that we really need volunteers to step up. I know it is season, but what ever you can do would be helpful.
Also for Defend the Hunt! We need your raw furs of all types, I am a fur buyer if you would like to donate your raw fur to Defend the Hunt. Please contact me and I will make sure that it gets to were it needs to be. Here are the meeting minutes have a great day.


MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 11/20/2013
Board Members present:
• Dale Hendershot
• Mike Schippa
• Tamie Lundborg
• Emily Caretti
• Jon Southworth
• Dennis Cronk
• Melinda Cronk
• Everett Emery
• Mike Marcusen

Reports for Deer Hides:
• Mike Marcusen: 1 location with 4 hides, north-central location is not taking hides anymore
o Low deer kill in UP
• Mike Schippa: 60
• Royal Oak Archery: 40
• Dennis: 60
• Western Wayne > 20
• Another 2 near Gary Schinske
• Drew says MUCC had 15 on Monday
• Lots of reports of low deer numbers this year
• Dale: brother has > 40 hides

Deer Check Stations
• Dennis has unofficial count of 500 on Sunday, 350 on Monday
• Handed out 600 flyers

• No one needs anything

News for Fur?
• Dennis doesn’t know that we have a way of knowing of our success
• First sale isn’t until December?
• Dale: wrote something up for trapping magazines, got dropped from The Trapline, advertising

• Drew called Dennis and talked to him about a fur buyer that was upset (biggest fur buyer in UP)
o Convention coordinator for UPTA contacted him about the same thing
o Dennis contacted them
o They are upset that “we’re taking money away from fur buyers”
 Very vocal about it
o They feel that they should get a cut of donations
 MUCC is very against this
• Press release states that 100% of proceeds go to Defend the Hunt
• Could cause legal problems if it changes
• Wants UPTA to be liaison if anything
o Veiled threats that if we don’t accept their demands, they’re going to fight us
• Mike: Dennis needs to find out if these guys actually have fur buyers license, doesn’t feel that there are going to be enough deer hides in UP that it’ll be a big deal

Is there a video promoting fur portion of program?
• Not yet
• Jon Southworth is trying to get ahold of the guy who makes the videos to make that happen

• Gary Schinske is contacting fur buyers
• We need to incentivize them to collect hides for us
o Contract?
 Could ONLY be with people we trust
• Do we have enough time for this?
o Yes; collect hides until May
• Dale: fur buyers could make a cash donation? It’s important that we uphold our current promotion that 100% proceeds go to Defend the Hunt
• Jon Southworth would be willing to handle hides in SLP
o Need drop off locations where he could pick them up every few weekends
• Everything we can get will help
• Important that we maintain the integrity of our organization
• There will be a meeting with Drew on Friday to discuss kick off date of December 3

• Dale: meeting Friday
o Proposed budget, finalize everything
o Meeting next week to discuss results of this?
• Mike Schippa: need physical board meeting, maybe at fur sale?
o Dale: hard to do (busy before AND after)
o Tamie: December fur sale lasts a long time
 > 70 lots currently
• Need a face to face meeting with everything that’s going on
o Dale will look at calendar and figure something out
• Hard to get people to more than one part of state
o We still need to figure out how to contact our members
 Fur sales
• We will contact people via mail/phone/etc., but it’s more effective to do it face to face
o Unions, retired people, etc.
 Gun and knife show

Next meeting: Wednesday at 8pm

Other business:
• Visa Mastercard options
o Swipe (phones): for shows
o Machine: for sales, Diana, website
o No PayPal
o Will discuss on Wednesday
• Fur sales
o Everything’s all set
o Dale: need someone to take care of food
 Mike Schippa has the stuff
 Dale will talk to Matt and see if he’s made arrangements, otherwise that will be fine
• Trailer search?
o Nothing has happened yet
o Haven’t found anything yet
o Keep your eyes open

Meeting adjourned
Hey your kids are calling you, go take them Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping.

Jon S.

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