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BOD CC 11/28/2013

Postby Trapper Jon » Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:56 am

For any of the membership reading this message, would you please contact me I would love to hear from you. As a board member I do not really hear any issue floating around the membership all to often. I would like to hear from the general membership of issue you would like to see tackled by the board. You can PM me, or e-mail me at . Here are the meeting minutes from the Conference call last night. Thank you Emily for taking great notes, and for all who attended.


MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 11/27/13
Board Members present:
• Dale Hendershot
• Tamie Lundborg
• John Caretti
• Emily Caretti
• Diana Elliot
• Jon Southworth
• Ed Lundborg
• Jeff Whipple
• Everett Emery
• Chris Elie
• Bobby Velasco
• Mike Marcusen
• Melinda Cronk
• Dennis Cronk
• Gary Schinske
Trapperman Auction
• Instigated by Paul Dobbins
• We need money however we can get it
• Everett: our website isn’t frequented it that much, good to have on a national forum
• Concerns from board members as far as time
o If we have a volunteer who is willing to do something
• Mike Marcusen: not a question of whether or not it should be done
o Feels there is a small committee that should have been consulted
 Respect issue
o Thought issue had been addressed in conversation addressed
• John Caretti: good to get this out in the open
o Need to focus on what we’re trying to accomplish (raising money)
o Can’t imagine Dale was intending to
o Other organizations are doing their own things to raise money
o Great to receive support from other states
 8,000 members on Trapperman
• People in our states are being hit hard for donations, good to branch out
• Bobby Velasco: unsure of why problem exists
o Paul needed a volunteer, no one was willing to step up to the plate, so it was good that Dale did so
o Need to move past this and look to the common goal
o These issues cannot be on the computer
 Ammunition for anti’s
• Ed Lundborg: we elected Dale as president because he IS willing to step forward and do things
o Doubt Dale intended any wrong
• Dale: the people on the call are the ones that are doing work
o Had no intention of disrespecting anyone
o Everyone does a lot of work
o Was only trying to cover us
 Gil Turner was going to run it, but changed his mind
 No one else volunteered; made us look bad
• Paul was looking for a Michigan trapper
o Did not think it would be a problem for anyone
o We CAN NOT post things on social media
• Ed Lundborg: we appreciate everything that Dennis and Melinda Cronk have done, and no wrong was intended
• Dennis Cronk: is upset that he had brought up the idea of doing an auction and had been shut down, but then an auction was started anyway
o Had previously concerns about anti’s bidding on items and not paying for them, other issues
• Dale: did not have a recollection of this, looked through minutes and couldn’t find it, Mike Marcusen said it was tabled (legal issues regarding where money goes)
o Honestly thought it was tabled
o Not opposed to change
 Very supportive
o Any facts he got wrong were not on purpose
o Unsure of security of websites (Trapperman, MTPCA, Facebook), but doesn’t see that being an issue
• Mike Marcusen: unsure of why we are still talking about it
• Dale: Mike seemed to feel like this was a big issue we needed to talk about as a board
• Dennis: doesn’t feel actual problem has been addressed
• Dale and Dennis will discuss the issue more next week

Face to Face meeting
• Jay’s is booked on both proposed Saturdays
• Meeting on the phone? Other proposed locations?
• Mike Marcusen: kick off date for UP on December 14
• Jon Southworth: meet at MUCC’s conference room?
• Date?
o December 14: 7 can make it
• Time?
o 10:00 AM
• Location?
o MUCC Headquarters
 Dale will talk to MUCC Monday and confirm

Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management
• Were instructed to release to internet or inform anyone about it right away
• Drew told Dennis that we should have been working on this for weeks
• Dennis, Dale, and Mike Marcusen all heard the same thing
o Release wasn’t scheduled until AT LEAST December 2
• Petitions will be started December 2
o Will have a rundown of “do’s and don’ts”, etc.
o Planning on 5 or 6 locations; 2 are confirmed
 Meetings won’t be until December 12 and 14
• Mail to members to collect signatures?
o Not high return; probably not worthwhile
• Could we get people to go to members and hand out petitions?
o Would take a lot of volunteers
• Could we send things to our members and call them to discuss it with them?
o Would be for members that want to participate but can’t make rallies
 Petitions need to be filled out right or they get thrown out
 Need instruction to collect high volume of signatures
 Drew is coming up with fact sheets and instruction sheets
• Will receive resistance at rallies from anti’s
o Especially LP
• Need to talk with Rebecca Park with the Farm Bureau to determine their involvement
o Not sure if they would openly endorse but they will help get signatures
• Need to advertise informational meetings
• Calling tree is good idea; very effective
o Need to look into organizing that
• Dennis has the complete membership list
• Dale will reach out to all district directors
o Makes the work easier
• Diana has the lists for whoever wants them
• Have a table at the fur sales, shows, etc.
• Free booth at Gun and Knife shows?
• Volunteer to call Bass Pro Shops/Cabelas/Dunhams to inquire if they’ll allow us to collect signatures out front of their stores
o Go through local managers first, then worry about corporate if necessary
• Statement from Dale for legitimacy?
• Reach out to steering committee to divide it up?
o Dale will look into it
• Need to be creative about where we go to collect signatures
o Will run out of ideas in a few months
• Will discuss next week

• Dale has 5
• Dale’s brother has 47
• 40 sites
o 17 under Dennis’s control
o The rest are through MUCC
• We have about 20-25 per site (ours)
• 2 MUCC locations with nearly 100
• Royal Oak Archers has around 40
• Hard to get a number because most of them are through MUCC
• Dennis doesn’t have most of the contact information (has inquired)
• Has heard mixed feedback
• 2 places are rejecting hides
o Dennis will inquire with Drew
• Overall Dennis guesses we’re at 1,000 hides or less
• Not going as well as expected
• Ed: guys do not seem interested
o People don’t think it’s worthwhile
• Success is largely determined by whether or not conservation clubs are reaching out to their members
• Unsure of collection at Jay’s
o Will know for next meeting

• No one needs anything
• If we have leftovers, look into for next year?
o Has potential to be better
 Needs more planning

Fur Project
• Dale sent out letters
o Got positive feedback
• NAFA more popular than Fur Harvester’s
• Seems to be going really well
• Dennis: definite interest
• Still looking into incentives

Trapper’s Post
• Asking for list of membership
• If we send it to them, they will send everyone that doesn’t already get it a free magazine
• If we give them our expired list, they will send them a magazine with a note to renew their membership with us and give them a subscription at a discounted price
• Don’t anticipate them selling our membership list
• Majority board support, assuming they only use it for this purpose
• Dale will call Bob Noonan and make sure this is the case, will discuss at next meeting

Credit Card Machine
• Diana researched it
o No set up fee for standard account fare
 Can do everything with this option
 Cost
• $30 fee per month
• 2.7% for every swipe
 No cancellation fee
• Try it out?
• Mike Schippa researched as well (not on call), has potentially cheaper option
• Melinda will contact her friend about a cheaper option
o $7.95 a month fee, 1.5% per swipe (roam)
o Readers are provided (plug into smart phone)
• Talk about next week
• Logistics? How do we get the reader where they need to be?
o Purchase multiple readers?
 Could we get these on the same account, or would they have to be separate?
• Do enough of us have smartphones?

Meeting next Wednesday at 7:30pm
Hey your kids are calling you, go take them Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping.

Jon S.

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