BOD Meeting Minutes 01/15/2014

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BOD Meeting Minutes 01/15/2014

Postby Trapper Jon » Thu Jan 16, 2014 4:07 am

MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 1/15/14
Board Members present:
• Dale Hendershot
• Diana Elliot
• Ed Lundborg
• Tamie Lundborg
• Ed Kramer
• Emily Caretti
• Everett Emery
• John Caretti
• Mark Spencer Jr.
• Mike Schippa
• Gary Schinske
• Jon Southworth
• Dave Johnson
Board members absent:
• Chris Kettler
• Matt Johnson – excused
1. Attendance
2. Approval of Minutes from December
3. Treasurers Report
4. At Large board member
5. Report on T Man Auction
6. Hide Project
a. Numbers
b. Pick Up
7. Fur Project
8. Signature Collection
9. Spring Rendezvous / Fur Sale
10. Credit Card Reader
11. By-Laws

• Schinske: motion to approve executive board minutes
• Second by Mike Schippa
• Motion carried unanimously

Treasurer’s report (Dale)
• General Fund: $8898.82
• Trapper Ed: $1960.60
• Defense Fund: $3333.33
• Van Hoosen Endowment: $9742.75
• No report of expenditures, will have at next meeting
• Schinske: motion to approve treasurer’s report
• Second by John Caretti
• Motion carried unanimously

At Large board member
• Director at Large positions were discussed at executive board meeting
• Trent Masterson has volunteered to be Director at Large if board approves
o Increase volunteer base and membership
• Caretti: motion to appoint Trent Masterson as Director at Large to increase volunteer base and membership
• Second by Schippa
• Motion carried unanimously

Executive board meeting minutes
• Executive board moved to discuss by laws at regular board meetings
• Under new by laws, we cannot discuss new business unless it has been approved by executive board
o Let Dale know about new business prior to board meetings
• Two donations
o Conservation Officer Association banquet
o Donation: sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat from MMIT and MTPCA

Trapperman auctions
• Closed for right now
• Hopefully Paul will let us reopen later
• Open for a month
• 2636
• Have not collected $130.00

Hide Project
• Received information from Drew
• Contacted clubs
• Heard back from all but two
• ~1100-1200 hides
• MUCC: 7 sponsors had no hides
• MTPCA: a few had less than 10 hides
• Ralph will call clubs this week or next to arrange hide pick up
• We don’t have to bring hides to central location unless Ralph says otherwise
• Ed Lundborg: If we are doing a hide drive, should we sell deer hides through our auction?

Fur project
• Have a few dozen hides
• Donated hides from Ravenna will be sold at Otisville
• We won’t know the results of NAFA or FHA until we start getting checks
• We have only spent approximately $4000 of $6000 allocated for project

Signature collection
• Currently have ~6500 signatures according to Drew
• Not going fast enough
• Trouble getting volunteers to man booths
• Fewer people are asking for petitions
• Drew has been slow moving, hard to contact
o Need to go through Erin to really make things happen
• Mike Leonard (SCI) has been really helpful to us
• Committee has decided to purchase signature gatherers
• NRA collecting donations
• Michigan United Bear Hunters sent mailer to membership
• Other organizations haven’t done much
• Don’t know about clubs
• Oakland County Sportsmans Club has been working at Bass Pro Shops
• We cannot collect signatures at Cabela’s; looking for cash donation
• Will be having meeting with MUCC to express concerns about their involvement

Spring Rendezvous
• We discussed that we would have spring rendezvous if it would make us money (it does)
• We would do spring sale (target spring beaver)
• Move rendezvous up to first weekend in May
• Move last sale to align with rendezvous
• Some buyer concerns according to Matt Johnson
o General consensus: try it out and see what happens
• Trent Masterson talked to Ralph
o Only concerns were with accepting green beaver (close to last receiving dates for NAFA and FHA; wouldn’t have time to put up)
o Could tell sellers that we will not accept green beaver
• Costs ~$750 to rent buildings
• They will do concessions for us
• Ed Lundborg will take care of vendors
• Board unanimously voted to have a spring rendezvous/fur sale the first weekend in May in Evart
o Replaces Jay’s fur sale
• Ed Lundborg will contact vendors
• Matt Johnson will contact fur buyers
• Ed Kramer will call MMIT lot numbers and auctioneer
• Trent will help with demos
• Tamie: motion to refund money to already sold lot numbers if they don’t want to attend the rendezvous
• Second by Caretti
• Motion carried unanimously
• Gate entrance fee
o If you have a lot number, get in free
o No lot number, $5
o Redo next year (pay more for both)

Credit card reader
• For use at convention and memberships
• Square or Roam Pay
• Similar specs
• Square
o Need WiFi or data to use
o Can get multiple readers
o Iphone or Android
• Roam pay
o Can go offline
o Only get one reader for free
o Iphone, Android, Blackberry
• Dave Johnson: purchase Lenovo pad if it is compatible with Square
• Second by Tamie
• Motion carried with one opposition
• Dave Johnson: use Square
• Second Tamie
• Motion defeated (defeats Lenovo pad motion as well) 6-5
• Emily Caretti: purchase RoamPay and Lenovo pad, and purchase at least one additional reader
• Second: Tamie
• Motion carried with one opposition (Ed Lundborg)

Lansing Deer and Turkey Expo
• Clint Miller (owner of River Rats Trapping Supply) asked Jon if we would allow him to sell traps at our booth
• Concern: discount for being nonprofit (might have to pay more if we start selling things)
• Schippa: allow Clint to sell at our booth if its agreeable to our contract
• Second
• Discussion
o Everett: will we have room?
o Dave: other trapping supplies may take issue
o Caretti: agrees with Dave
• Motion defeated 8-1

By laws
• Should not look at changes yet
• Concerns with some wording
o How we run elections
o Regional vice presidents don’t have duties
• Several executive board members were concerned about district directors being in one place
o Districts for district directors?
o Similar to before, but on lower scale
 Maximum of 9
• Have an attorney look at them after we make changes?
• Everett: motion to send FBU donation
• Ed Kramer second
• Motion carried unanimously
• Schinske: motion to send $300 donation to FBU for auction
• Tamie second
• Motion carried unanimously

• Ed Lundborg: motion to adjourn
• Schinske second
• Motion carried unanimously
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Re: BOD Meeting Minutes 01/15/2014

Postby Fur-minator » Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:44 pm

Thanks Jon!

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