Board Of Directors Conference Call Phone Meeting 2/19/2014

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Board Of Directors Conference Call Phone Meeting 2/19/2014

Postby Trapper Jon » Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:00 pm

Thank you John Caretti for the minutes on tonights meeting.

MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 2/19/14
Board Members and Members Roll Call (P- Present; A- Absent; X- Previously Excused):
• Dale Hendershot P
• Mike Schippa P
• Mark Spencer Jr P
• Ed Kramer A
• Everett Emery P
• Tamie Lundborg P
• John Caretti P
• Emily Caretti X
• Diana Elliot A
• Jon Southworth P
• Ed Lundborg A
• Trent Masterson P
• Tammy Masterson P
• Dennis Cronk A
• Melinda Cronk P
• Matt Johnson A
• Dave Johnson P
• Gary Schinske A

501C7 Status- Normally takes 18 months to change name. We applied last March. MMIT still has 501c4 status. Dale looking into us using that status until we get our status approved. Ed Lundborg is checking with NTA’s lawyer.

Mark Spencer- when NGLFH changed from UPTA Lansing would not give them a raffle license. Only way they could get it was under MUCC Umbrella.

MTPCA is under MUCC Umbrella. Dale is aware of two other orgs that have been successful. Still not sure if we will get one. MMIT books are closed. Still have not filed paperwork to close MMIT until we see if we can use MMIT’s status.

Motion- Schippa Second- Spencer: To allow Dale to pursue MTPCA to use MMIT’s 501c4 status to get us a raffle license. Motion carried unanimously.

Hendershot: Request from 2 NRC Commissioners is we would support Representative Jon Bumstead in his reelection effort. Tickets $150 per person, Sponsorships of $500 and $1000.

Spencer: Concern about how this might affect our non-profit status.

Dale: We will double check to ensure that we can support political candidates and political actions before acting. Looking for authorization to support Rep. Bumstead if we can do so. Believes as a 501c7 we can.

It is a Sportsmen’s Reception at the MSU’s Demer Center. Event includes shooting with MSU Archery Team. Request from NRC suggests we should consider it. Proposes Silver sponsorship at $500. Wednesday March 12 5pm-7pm. This would allow us to have 4 people there.

Shippa Motion that we sponsor $1000 sponsorship. Caretti supports.

Trent and Everett don’t like that we need to be involved in politics. Schippa feels this is the way they play.

Melinda Cronk supports Rep. Bumstead and provided background. Rep. Bumstead is a conservative republican.

Dale Hendershot: Rep Bumstead has pushed every outdoor initiative we have supported.

Ed Lundborg: Urged caution.

• Dale Hendershot
• Mike Schippa Y
• Mark Spencer Jr Y
• Ed Kramer A
• Everett Emery N
• Tamie Lundborg Y
• John Caretti Y
• Emily Caretti X
• Diana Elliot A
• Jon Southworth Y
• Ed Lundborg Y
• Trent Masterson Y
• Tammy Masterson P
• Dennis Cronk A
• Melinda Cronk A
• Matt Johnson A
• Dave Johnson Y
• Gary Schinske A
Motion carries.

Dale Hendershot
Trent Masterson
Jon Southworth
Dennis Cronk
Melinda Cronk
John Caretti
Tammy Masterson
Ed Lundborg (Fill-in)
John Caretti (Fill-in)

Continuing MMIT’s tradition of giving out Top Lot Hats and Plaques:
Dale: Suggestions received to continue and expand this to all Fur Sales.
Trent: 9 Species, 1117.80 total cost for 6 sales. Plaques to Buyers and Hats to Sellers.

Spencer: Thinks it’s a great idea. Provides PR and people like it.

Dave Johnson : How much do we bring in.

Everett: Houghton Lake approx $1500 in commission

Schippa Y
Spencer: Y
Kramer: A
Emery: Y

Spencer moves. Caretti supports that we expand to all 6 sales.

Motion carried unanimously.

Volunteer Hats : Suggestion that we have generic MTPCA Volunteer Hats for folks that work Convention and Fur Sales.

Dale: $9.50 for mesh hats we have.

Trent: appros $6.50 for the ones he buys

Everett: Suggests different hats for NTA vs. MTPCA Volunteer hats

Dale agrees, and this is what is suggested to Board.

NTA Hat has been previously approved.

D. Johnson: motion. T. Lundborg: Support. Moves that we have Trent purchase 96 hats for MTPCA Volunteers.

Schippa: A
Spencer: Y
Kramer: A
Emery: Y

Trent and Tammy will send mock-ups for Board to choose from.

Motion carries unanimously.

NTA Volunteer Hats will be a topic for March 15 Board Meeting.

Crystal Johnson took minutes from last night’s call. Dave will distribute to the Board.

Everett commented that he really likes Emily’s minutes and Dale agreed.

John Caretti requested the Executive Board consider Dennis Cronk for an appointment as a Director At Large based on his work on “Defend the Hunt” and his passion for the Association and our goals.

Discussion about Deer Hide pick-up and questions about how it is going. Request through Melinda to Dennis to have an update on numbers and $ for the March 15 Board Meeting.

Caretti moved to adjourn. T. Lundborg Supports. Motion carried unanimously.
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