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Fur Buyers > According to the Law, and Signatures UpDate

Postby Trapper Jon » Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:23 am

Michigan Fur Buyers with an active Fur Buyer License are in violation if running a trap line. Because Michigan does not have a separate Beaver Trapping Licenses. Because the Fur Harvesters license we purchase includes Beaver. It is a Beaver trapping License! According to our Fur Buyers Permit, you can not buy, or hold any Beaver trapping License in the state of Michigan, in conjunction with a buyer Permit.
Funny what you learn when you go to senate meetings, isn't it! adopted yesterday in Senate. Senate Bill NO. 759 Beaver Trapping License Restrictions. The DNR will also be adding some things to remove. This will allow the system we have now to more stream line. Easier!!

#2) Signature counts:
We are on track with the counts although that does not mean you should stop. I saw a stack that came to MUCC from Monday. 7000 +/- signatures, and Drew told me they used to come in, in just a roll with a rubber band around it.
Like I said before do not stop gathering, in fact you should be ramping up your gathering efforts more. We need to break them! AND TO ALL THAT HAVE HELPED, OR ARE HELPING THANK YOU SO MUCH CAN YOU DO SOME MORE PLEASE?
Hey your kids are calling you, go take them Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, or Camping.

Jon S.

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