10/06/2014 Conference Call Board Meeting Minutes

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10/06/2014 Conference Call Board Meeting Minutes

Postby Trapper Jon » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:29 am

MTPCA Conference Call Minutes, 10/06/14
Board Members present:
Executive Board
• Dale Hendershot
• Mike Schippa
• Mark Spencer Jr.
• Dave Johnson
• Everett Emery
Governing Board
• Gary Schinske
• Lisa Bagalay
• Emily Caretti
• Ed Lundborg
• John Caretti
• Trent Masterson
• Al Schroeder
1. Defend the Hunt Report
• Moving forward
• Getting more places than last year
• Dennis doesn’t know of any new ones
• We have 4-5 more from last year to talk to
• Dennis/Drew have each confirmed with 3 clubs that they will participate again
• Need to check with board members, pretty sure they will do it again
• Added 9 new businesses: 7 in UP, 2 in NELP
• Looking at 50 businesses total
• Dennis sent out budget
o Significantly less than last year
• Dennis would like to start delivering advertising banners
• We need more sponsors
o Focusing on hardware stores and processors
 Needs help finding/calling places
• Sponsors just started getting contacted today
• Everett: where is the money going this year?
o Dennis: supposed to go into separate account
 MTPCA/MUCC decides where money goes
• Supposed to be used to defend hunting/trapping/fishing
 MTPCA does accounting
• MUCC doesn’t want to house it because they are a 501c3
o Limits where they can spend it
• Money goes into fund for us
o Combination of their board and our board approves where money will be spent, or MTPCA/MUCC appoints two people each and they represent/decide
o No plans to spend it right now
o Dennis: spoke with another furbuyer from UP
 Wants to help us get more sponsors in WUP
• Currently got us 5
• Anticipates 15 by November 1
• Mike Schippa: should we talk to Mike Avery Show, other media outlets?
o Dennis: Drew is busy so we should take that initiative

2. Non Profit Status Update
• Unofficially been told we are approved
• Letter of determination has been sent, no one has received it
o Every year, we are supposed to let them know who is supposed to receive the communication
o No one knows who is on the list to receive communications
• Dale sent new form to update, asked to send new letter
o Should have it in 3-4 weeks
o Then we can send it to lottery commission to apply for raffle licenses, etc.

3. Convention Coordinator Appointment
• Melinda Cronk withdrew herself from running
• Joe Velchanskey is the only one who wants to run
o Feels he would be a fresh set of eyes, opportunity to give board a break
o Wants to reach out to other state organizations that benefit from trapping (DU, NWTF, etc.) to offer them booth space, could be good PR
o Connect with Tamara Masterson and get ideas on how to run a successful convention
• John Caretti: motion to appoint Joe Velchanskey as convention coordinator
o Dave Johnson second
o Motion carried unanimously

4. Board Training
• Board training will be more in depth than Dale anticipated
o Planned 40 hours of training
• Most is paid for with grant, our contribution is $1000
• Wants to kick off with face to face meeting
o We would have to pay for mileage
• The vast majority of the board wants to wait until after season to
• First break is end of February
• Everett: is there a limit on the number of people?
o Dale: currently limiting it to board members, wants to try to extend it to a few additional people
• Done by same people that did MUCC leadership training
o Dale and Lisa both thought they were great training sessions
• Motion by Mike Schippa: approve funding up to $1000 and mileage for face to face meeting for training
o Second by John Caretti
o Motion carried unanimously
• Start date?
o Most meetings will be phone meetings
o Only face to face so far is first one
o Start late February/early March?
 Every 2/3 weeks
o Mark Spencer motion to start approximately first of March
 Gary Schinske second
 Motion carried unanimously

5. Gary Leistico's Fee for looking at our By-Laws
• Talk to NTA’s lawyer to make sure our by laws are okay
• Wants to meet with us and three representatives to determine
o Fee is $300 normally
 Fee for trappers is ~$150
• Idea is not to change our bylaws, just make sure everything is legally sound
• Is this something we should do before our board training?
o If we agree to do it, most of it will be done before the board training
o Who would three representatives be, and where would it take place (in person/phone?)
 Has the ability to do conference calls
 No benefit to tying both things together
 Chris Kettler (chair of bylaws committee) is interested in being a representative
 We can talk about it, but it makes sense to have the people that were on the bylaws committee be involved
• Dave Johnson: motion to allow up to $3000 to have Gary Leistico look at our bylaws
o Mark Spencer second
o Motion carried unanimously
• Dave Johnson: would like to see Dale, Chris, Everett, Gary on committee
o Gary Leistico would like to keep it to 2/3 (would help keep the cost down)
• Everett: Mike Schippa has been involved with the bylaws longer than most of us, would like to see him involved
o Mike Schippa accepts, would like to see Chris Kettler involved as well
• Committee: Mike Schippa, Chris Kettler, Dale Hendershot
o No opposition

6. Credit Card
• Credit Card committee (Dave/Lisa/Mike) has proposal for PayPal
o No commitment
o No monthly fee
o Free devices (up to 10)
o Comparable interest rate (2.7%)
o Can add to shopping cart for website (merchandise, licenses, etc.)
o Negative: do not allow firearm transactions
 Nature of company being online and do not want to deal with process of dealing with firearm purchases online
o Sales tax would be worked into cost of items?
 Accountant is figuring out best way to do it, it is possible to include sales tax in item cost
o Motion Dave Johnson to go with PayPal to conduct credit card transactions
 Second Lisa Bagalay
o Everett opposed
o Gary Schinske abstains
o Motion carried

7. Trailer Inventory Insurance
• Gary is checking with his insurance agent the cost of ensuring the trailer and its contents
• Check with insurance agents to get quotes
• Al knows an independent insurance agent that can get us cheapest deal
• Dave Johnson: we’re probably better off just insuring it on our own
• Dale: see what Al’s agent says, get competing bids (with Gary’s agent), move on from there

8. Lifetime Membership Plaques
• Member confronted Everett asking about a plaque for his life membership
• Ed Lundborg has one, so it was done in the past
• How many life members do we even have?
o Not sure yet
• Motion by Dave Johnson: start giving out lifetime membership plaques for new members and anyone requesting one that already has a lifetime membership
o Second: Al Schroeder
o Discussion
 How much do the plaques cost?
• Depends, $20-50
o Should we set maximum price for plaques?
o Are plaques similar to the ones we give out for our awards?
 Ed’s plaque is 8”x10” (bigger than ones we give out)
 John Caretti’s looks like the awards we give out
 We don’t know how many life members we have, we should postpone?
 Motion by Dave Johnson: postpone this until next meeting so we know more facts (how many members we have, how much we’re willing to spend, etc.)
• Second: Ed Lundborg
• Motion carried unanimously
 Motion by John Caretti: supply plaque for person that’s been asking for one, spend maximum of $50
• Second Ed Lundborg
• Motion carried unanimously

9. On Going Gun Raffle
• Since we are going to be able to get our raffle license, we can use it as a new way to replace money in defense fund
• Do so using gun raffles
• Gary Schinske has been working with Jay’s to do so
o They have experience with this
 Sell $50 tickets, 1000 tickets total
o Michigan Bear Hunters do a gun raffle with another dealer
 Dealer handles tickets, shipping guns, etc.
• $50 tickets, 1000 tickets total
• People think we will have trouble selling $50 tickets (trappers are cheap)
• If we do a 52 gun raffle at this cost, we’d raise $20,000; typically done with long guns
• Jay’s could do a pistol raffle or pistol/long gun combo
• Dennis could potentially do bow package
• We could also do a gun a month instead? Combo of long guns/pistols?
• We would need to handle this raffle differently than other raffles we’ve done in order to make money
• Caretti: do a gun a day for a month?
• Dave Johnson: talk to Mike Schippa about his insight?
• Dale: we need to check it out and get our raffle license first
• Dave Johnson: promote on Facebook? Could probably do the 52 gun raffle via social media
o Al: kicked people off of page for selling guns on the Facebook page before, we have to decide as a board if we want to change our mind
o Gary Schinske: use facebook as advertising, not way to complete transactions
• Dave Johnson: should we form a committee to investigate this more?
o Gary Schinske: investigate what?
 Dave Johnson: make sure we have everything together to support the raffle financially
 Mark Spencer: we have to make sure we get our licensing together before we do anything
o Wait to form committee once we have our lottery license

10. Facebook Committee “ Rules “ Advertisement
• Get members of board and moderators to come up with rules and have them be approved by board
• Current rules on Facebook
• Al wants everyone’s opinions on advertising
• Dave Johnson: form committee?
o Al: wants Melinda and John and himself, wants a few board members
o Dave Johnson wants to be on committee
o Dale will appoint the committee and they can begin discussions

11. New business
• Trapline
o We need stuff for the Trapline
• Board of Directors sheet
o We need updated one
o Lisa/Dale will send out updated list (with address/phone number/email)

Motion to adjourn: Everett
Jon Southworth second
Motion carried unanimously
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