License Proposal

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License Proposal

Postby Dale H » Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:25 pm

This week the Legislature is hopefully going to vote on the License Proposal and we need our members to contact their Legislators and ask them to support this. The DNR has been very transparent about where the additional funds will go and this will simplify the complicated computer system we presently have. Here is a link to the information if you have missed it.,4570,7-15 ... --,00.html
We all have to remember that the DNR has not had an increase since the late 90's and we all realize that the price of fuel alone has gone out of sight in that time alone not to mention that the General fund allocation has dwindled. We are all a little skeptical after the last screw up on License Fees that was proposed several years ago but I can tell you that the DNR has changed and is a lot more transparent about where there money is going and what is being done. Our Board of Directors has voted to support this and once again I ask you to contact your Legislators.

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