Wolf Proposal

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Wolf Proposal

Postby Dale H » Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:53 pm

I had a conversation with Adam about the wolf proposal today and the DNR has three major concerns. The DNR is concerned about the anti's being more vocal if trapping is permitted on public lands, the possibility of non targets being caught in larger traps and targeting only problem wolfs. I believe that the anti,s are going to do their thing no matter what we do. The problem wolfs are not living on the property that is having problems they are just using it to raid and retreat back to their forest. CFA land is also included in the private land so if it says that there is 45% private most of that can not be trapped. The proposal also says that a .22 can be used for dispatch but can not be loaded except at the point of dispatch. This is only the case in zone 3 from Nov.10th to Dec.1 and has no place in any regulations in zone 1. We are also looking at recommending a minimum 3/8" thick jaw to minimize any damage to non targets. I have sent an e-mail out to the MTPCA Board about this asking for the boards support and fully expect that they will. Normally I would wait for that to happen before posting anything but the time frame is so short that I want everyone to know what is going on.
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