Governor signs SB 288 and 289 in law!

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Governor signs SB 288 and 289 in law!

Postby Beaverhunter2 » Wed May 08, 2013 9:39 pm

The Governor is likely to take a lot of flack from the Anti's about this so please take the time to make one more call or send one more email- to thank the Governor for signing SB 288 and 289.

Here is the press release we issued on this great event (with the help of the MUCC):

May 8, 2013

Governor Snyder Signs Bills Protecting Hunting, Fishing Rights

Conservationists Thank Governor for Signing SB 288 and 289 into Law

LANSING – Governor Rick Snyder signed Senate Bills 288 and 289 into law today. The bills allow the Natural Resources Commission to name game species, protect the rights to hunt and fish, and were supported by Michigan's conservation community.

“These laws build on the excellent work that Michigan's voters started in 1996 with Proposal G. We decided back then that wildlife management decisions should be made by experts based the best available science instead of emotions and misconceptions spread by out-of-state animal rights extremists,” said John Caretti, President of the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association “Michigan’s citizens were correct back then and today the Legislature and Governor confirmed that they agree. This is a great day for scientifically-based wildlife management in Michigan! We thank Governor Snyder for his support! “

SB 288 extends the Natural Resources Commission (NRC)’s authority and sound science mandate to naming animals to the game species list, while retaining the Legislature’s authority to do the same and its exclusive authority to remove game species. SB 288 also grants the NRC the exclusive authority to issue fisheries orders, which currently rests with the director of the Department of Natural Resources, and also provides free licenses to active-duty members of the military. SB 289 establishes the rights to hunt and fish in state law, and makes protection of those rights a purpose of the Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.

"We thank Governor Snyder for continuing Michigan's tradition of separating conservation from politics today," said Erin McDonough, executive director of Michigan United Conservation Clubs. "These bills protect the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers, and ensure that wildlife management decisions are based on the recommendations of biologists, not out-of-state anti-hunters."

Conservation groups herald the bills as an extension of voter-approved Proposal G of 1996, which granted the Natural Resources Commission exclusive authority over game management and required it to use sound science in its wildlife management decisions.

Don't forget, Folks- the battle isn't over. We have a ballot initiative to defeat!


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