Kid Trapper Raffle at the MTPCA Convention

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Kid Trapper Raffle at the MTPCA Convention

Postby Beaverhunter2 » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:47 pm

I'm not sure how many years we've been doing this (6 or 8?). Anyway, the Kid Trapper Raffle is on for Saturday at the MTPCA Convention.

If you have kids ages 8-16, bring them by the Poultry Building on Saturday between 9am and 3pm. Emily will get them signed up for the Kid Trapper Raffle and they might just win a set of trapping equipment.

Here's how it works:

The kids draw a ticket and there will be a small prize written on it that they will win- at least until we run out. We never have in the past and I think Emily's got at least 120 items for instant prizes.

Then the kids will put their ticket with their name on it in a can for thew grand prizes. 8-13 year olds will be in the running for three muskrat kits. The 14-16 year olds have to choose whether they want to be in a drawing for either one beaver trapping kit or one predator trapping kit.

The grand prizes are drawn at 4pm at the same place they signed up. The kids must be present to win. After the winners are drawn for the three muskrat kits, the beaver kit and the predator kit, all of the remaining tickets get mixed together. We then draw for the winners of two raccoon kits.

Thanks to all the folks that donated equipment to the prizes and thanks to the folks who run the Cook Out- the money will really help us fill in a few gaps! (Furminator- I got your pm and passed it on to Emily. You ROCK!)

See you in Evart!


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