Updated Fur Sale Rules

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Updated Fur Sale Rules

Postby Dale H » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:00 pm

Here are the updated rules for our fur sales.
MTPCA Fur Auction Rules

Eds. Note: Meanings for most of the capitalized words can be found in the "Definitions" portion of this page.

1. You must be a current member of the MTPCA and possess a valid Fur Harvester License or if from out of state your state assoc. or the NTA and possess a valid Fur Harvester License.
2. You must also purchase [$5.00] a SELLERS NUMBER in order to sell your fur. A SELLERS NUMBER is only good for one individual, or party (partners). You may not sell furs of another unless their furs are incorporated with yours (e.g. all furs of same grade sold together). Sub-lots are not allowed!! SELLERS NUMBER is available from the Fur Sale Director.

3. You are responsible for your furs from the time you enter the auction site until such responsibility passes on to buyer. If you NO SALE your furs, you remain responsible.

4. All fur will be sold in numerical order, by SELLERS NUMBER. (See exception under "8.")

5. All fur must be checked for count before being sold.

6. All fur will be sold as sorted/GRADED/BUNDLED and brought to the auction table. There will be no sorting of fur or breaking of BUNDLES on the auction table. No separate LOTS of same grade/species. [Exception; large LOTS of rats may be separated into LOTS of 350 or more.] See "Grading, Bundling" for more information.

7. Because the auction process is so quick, please pay close attention when you are selling, or about to sell your furs.

8. If you are not prepared to sell your furs when it is your turn, you will be skipped. Your furs will be offered when convenient to the Fur Sale Director.

9. No switching or filling in of empty SELLERS NUMBERS at the fur sales will be allowed, without prior approval of the Fur Sale Director.

10. Deer hides must be salted, rolled, and tied to be sold at auction.

11. You or your agent must be present at all times when selling. Seller reserves the right to accept/reject the high bid on their furs. The auctioneer shall announce the final bid price to the seller, who shall immediately determine if the high bid is acceptable (sold), or unacceptable (NO SALE). In the event of a NO SALE, that LOT will be removed from the auction table for you. As soon as your other LOTS are sold, you’re "NO SALE" LOTS must be removed from the auction area.

12. ALL fur sold on the auction site shall be subject to a 5% commission payable to the MTPCA. We will have an individual monitoring the parking lot to ensure that buying/selling in the parking lot does not occur. NO SALE furs later sold on the premises must be entered on the trapper's LOT SLIP and the commission paid. Members violating this rule will be subject to removal from the MTPCA by the board of directors, and thus loss of selling privileges.

13. It will be the sole responsibility of the trapper to pick up or make arrangements to pick up fur checks.

14. The first 10 SELLERS NUMBERS have the option to re run their unsold furs again immediately after number 25's furs have been completed, and in the same sellers order as before.

15. If you cannot attend, but want a friend to sell your fur, they must have your current membership card, and a copy of your valid Fur Harvester License in their possession at the sale. All checks will be made out in the name of the member/person that holds the SELLERS NUMBER.

Grading, Bundling

The following is the maximum number of grades per species, per SELLERS NUMBER allowed at an MTPCA Auction. NOTE: Exceptionally large LOTS may be allowed more GRADES. You may sort into fewer GRADES if you desire. Assistance is available for anyone who is unsure of proper grading. A minimum of 5 of any one species is required before sorting into grades. Mink are excluded.

Red Fox – 4 grades XXL over 34”; XL 34” to 32”; L 32” to 28”; MS and flat under 28”

Gray Fox – 2 grades XL-L over 28”; M-S under 28”

Coyote 3 grades XL Over 42”; LGE 42” to 36”; M-S under 36”

Muskrats 13 grades: Fall and Winter XXXL over 17”; XXL 17” to 15 ½”; XL 15 ½” to 14”; LGE 14” to 13” Med. 13” to 11 ½”; SM 11 ½ to 10”; Kits under 10”. Note: large lots may be broken into lots of 350 or more.

Raccoon 6 grades; Jumbo over 35”; XXXL= 35" to 32”;, XXL= 32” to 29”; XL =29" to 27"; LM= 24” to 22”; M-S under 22”. Blue coon needs to be separated from prime coon. Green coon should be graded and sold with other green coon. No more than 5 green coon per bundle.

Male Mink – 5 grades XXL over 23”; XL 23” to 21”; LGE 21” to 19”; LM 19” to 17”; M-S under 17”

Female Mink – 3 grades XL Over 19”; LGE 19” to 17”; M-S under 17”

Otter 5 grades XL over 38”; LGE 38” to 34”; LM 34” to 32”; M-S 32” to 30”; XSM under 30”

Beaver 14 grades fall & winter; XXXL= over 70"; XXL 70” to 65”; XL 65” to 60”; LGE 60” to 55”; LM 55” to 51”; M 51” to 47”; kit less than 47” measured length plus width, or diagonals added together.

Badger/Opossum 3 grades XL over 25”; LGE 25” to 22”; M-S under 22”

Skunk 3 grades XXXL-XXL over22”; XL-L 22” to 18”; M-S under 18”

Bobcat 3 Grades XL over 36”; LGE 36” to 32”; M-S under 32”

Martin 5 grades XXL over 23”; XL 23” to 21”; LGE 21” to18”; MED 18” to 16”; SM under 16”

Fisher 3 grades XL-L over 28”; LM 28” to 25”;M-S under 25”

Deer hides 2 grades: Lg., and damaged/small. The buyer who bids the highest, shall buy all deer hides brought to the auction, and at one of the two grade/prices. Buyer retains the right to refuse rotten, small, rubbed, or slipping deer hides.

It is advisable to sort, GRADE, tag, and string (BUNDLE) your pelts prior to arriving at the auction. Space is always at a premium, and you may be skipped if you are not prepared to sell when it is your turn.

Securely tie, and label with a LOT TAG all BUNDLES of furs with string, rope, twine, or plastic ties in a manner that prevents the loss of individual pelts. (Stringing through the eye, ear, or mouth holes is preferred.) Wire is unacceptable.

BUNDLE/string: Muskrats in groups of 25 max.; Green coon in 5's only, (weight consideration); All other furs in 5's or 10's max. Write number of pelts in BUNDLE, grade, and SELLERS NUMBER on LOT TAG. Attach a tag to each BUNDLE. All fur that is the same GRADE for any SELLERS NUMBER must be offered at the same time. (e.g. A seller has 4 bundles of jumbo green coon. He shall offer the 20 pelts for sale together as one LOT, not four different LOTS.)

Auction Day Procedures

A. Please check in at the MTPCA table prior to bringing your furs in the building.

B. Pick up LOT SLIPS, string, and LOT TAGS if needed.

C. Periodically check the NUMBERS BOARD to see what SELLERS NUMBER is being sold, soon to be sold.

D. Fill out the seller’s information on the LOT SLIPS completely.
NOTE: Many of our members make donations of furs to the MTPCA. These are always accepted, and certainly appreciated. If you choose to donate, fill out a LOT SLIP as noted, with the addition of clearly marking as a donation. Please notify the Fur Sale Director, or a Board member of your intentions. Also, please allow the MTPCA to determine the best MTPCA use of your furs e.g. resale, tanning for resale, or use in a fur kit.

E. Sort, GRADE, TAG, and BUNDLE your pelts if you have not yet done so.

F. Place your furs on a table, in the order you want them sold (e.g. mink, muskrat, coon) as space and proximity to selling time allows. (As a courtesy to other sellers, please do not bring your furs inside until there are not more than 25 SELLERS NUMBERS before you.)

G. Please leave your LOT SLIPS with the appropriate BUNDLES/GRADES of your furs so that count and species can be verified.

H. As the auction progresses, move your furs closer to the auction table.

I. After verification, place your LOT SLIPS in the order you will be selling on your first LOT.

J. Give all of your LOT SLIPS to the clerk when it is your turn to sell, and in the order you will be selling.

K. Periodically check with the computer operator to see if your copies of the LOT SLIPS are ready.

L. Pick up your completed LOT SLIPS, and bring them to the buyer's check writer. You are responsible for taking your slips to each buyer's check writer, and collecting your money.


BUNDLE Pelts of like species/grade strung together for ease of handling, counting, bagging, can be any number of pelts up allowable limit outlined herein.

GRADE The size, color, damage etc. of a pelt. Used for sorting like furs into bundles/lots.

LOT Any number of pelts, or bundles of pelts being sold at the same time.

LOT SLIP A three part carbon-less form filled out by the seller which identifies the seller, the species being sold, quantity, grade, bid price, commission, proceeds, and buyer.

NO SALE What is said when the bid price is unacceptable for the lot being bid upon.

NUMBER BOARD Large board with numbers on it to identify the seller’s numbers which are "on deck".

LOT TAG Any slip attached to a bundle of pelts which contains the seller’s number, quantity, and grade of the bundle.

SELLERS NUMBER The numerical order in which you will be selling; used on lot slips, and lot tags to identify seller.


Sellers Numbers first become available at the General Membership business meeting at the MTPCA Convention, Evert Fairgrounds August 27-29, 2010. After the convention they will be available from:
Mike Rockwell
58142 Wilbur Hill Rd
Dowagiac, MI 49047-9729

MTPCA Fur Auction Sales '09/10 Season watch your TRAPLINE for det
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