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The State is going to take the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to the Supreme Court and we stand a good chance that it will be upheld. That said MUCC, SCI and a few others have had conversations with Legislators and Senate Bill 1187 was introduced this afternoon which is a backup plan. SB 1187 is the same as the the original bill except that it does not include the free license for Veterans that the last court said was unrelated. Hopefully it will go to the House next week. We are in very good shape in the Senate but it would be a good idea to call your Senators and let them know that you would like them to support it. We have a much closer fight in the House but it still looks good. We need everyone to call their Representatives and ask them to support SB 1187. This all has to be accomplished in a very short time period so please call your Representative this link will help you find your Representative.

Michigan House of Representatives
There are 110 Michigan Representatives who are elected by the qualified electors of districts having approximately 77,000 to 91,000 residents. Legislative districts are drawn on the basis of population figures through the federal decennial census. Representatives are elected in even- numbered years…
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