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Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association Landowner Assistance Program
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The focus of this program is to assist landowners with problem or potentially damaging furbearers during regular fur taking seasons. Our goal is to link local, licensed, ethical trappers with landowners looking to control populations of fur bearing animals. This is designed to be a free-of-charge mutual benefit situation between the landowner and the trapper. If there is any need to have problem animals dealt with out of regular fur taking seasons there could be a charge for animal damage control work by a licensed animal damage control trapper.

Many landowners who rear upland game birds, waterfowl or are bird watchers realize that fur bearing animals have a huge impact on survival of bird populations. Waterfront property owners can have problems with muskrats or beaver damaging banks or destroying wooded areas, and livestock owners often lose young animals to wild canine predation.

Having furbearer populations trapped during regular fur taking season can and does have a noticeable impact on survival of birds, livestock, and other property damage the following year. Even larger impacts are seen over a three-year period.

To qualify for this program you must own the land you’d like to have trapped. If you lease the property we need the landowner to contact us.

An appointed MTPCA liaison will follow up with the landowner after the trapper is finished and there will be an email address and phone number for the landowner to contact the MTPCA liaison if any problems occur.

If you would be interested in having a local trapper contact you on solutions for your property please email: mjohnson@mtpca.com  Or call: Matt Johnson at 231-287-8356.

We are still looking for licensed, ethical trappers to cover the entire Lower Peninsula area. Unfortunately we can make no guarantee that there is a local trapper near your property to assist your furbearer population control needs.